Building Clarity named finalist in Cummins national search for sustainable innovations

A local innovator with a brilliant solution for saving energy and meeting key sustainability objectives is a finalist of the Cummins US Innovation Gateway.

Building Clarity submitted their ingenious idea after Cummins, a global power leader, called on innovators of all sizes to come forward with sustainable innovations to help Cummins achieve their Environmental targets in the USA.

The Cummins Innovation Gateway, launched in February and is looking for green and innovative suppliers to positively impact Cummins 2020 Environmental targets whilst promoting supplier inclusion.

The project team, led by Jim Johnson, Corporate Indirect Purchasing Sourcing Specialist at Cummins, is delighted with the quality of the finalists. “We have been very impressed with the quality of the innovations received and even more with the potential for environmental impact and savings. Building Clarity should be very proud to be a finalist in the Cummins Innovation Gateway”.

As the name suggests, Building Clarity brings real clarity to the businesses we serve. With a solid foundation of engineering and construction management expertise, we use analytics and innovative building technologies to create end-to-end building solutions that deliver meaningful results – and move businesses forward.

Raynor Smith, P.E., Building Clarity Chief Operating Officer explains, “Building Clarity goes beyond the dashboard to solve real building problems and produce real results. Our approach leverages SAS technology to pinpoint and analyze opportunities then directly addresses them with 50+ years of engineering and installation expertise.

We are delighted to have reached the Cummins Innovation Gateway finalist stage. We are proud that they have recognized our three-part strategy to help realize energy consumption and manufacturing efficiency objectives for a top Engineering Firm such as Cummins.”

Building Clarity was one of over 60 companies from across the globe who submitted an idea to the Cummins Innovation Gateway when Cummins Inc. launched the programme back in February 2019.

Their idea will be presented on April 8th, to a high calibre panel in Cummins home city, Columbus, Indiana; who will decide which innovations will have the opportunity to be implemented, and if successful, scaled, on Cummins sites in the USA.

Cummins Inc
Brian Mormino – Executive Director – Worldwide Environmental Strategy Compliance
Laura Jones – Functional Excellence Manager – Facilities
Morgan Andreae – Executive Director of Growth Office
Helena Hutton – Diversity Procurement Director
Jim Gruwell – Executive Director – Strategic Purchasing

External Judges
Eli Levine – Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative (CEMI) Leader – Department of Energy
Carolyn Mosby – Presdient/CEO – Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council
Dr John Sutherland – Purdue University
Jason Whitney – Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation’s Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Smith notes “Projects like the Cummins Innovation Gateway provide a great opportunity for innovations to gain recognition and credibility on a national and international scale, accelerating our opportunities to access markets and scale.”

Finalists like Building Clarity, if successful, will have the opportunity to test their innovations in Cummins sites across the USA.

For more information please contact Jaclyn Szapacs, Vice President, Marketing

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