Building Clarity and SAS to bring smart building analytics coursework to NC State University’s Institute for Advanced Analytics

Cities have the opportunity to reduce energy use and carbon footprint by cracking down on inefficient buildings. Building Clarity and SAS, pioneers in smart building analytics, will offer students in NC State’s Institute for Advanced Analytics’ Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) program the opportunity to learn how analyzing sensor and other data can transform old and new structures into smart, efficient buildings. Building Clarity and SAS have been selected as sponsors of the MSA practicum class of 2020.

In the practicum, students will focus on applying machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to IoT data from building sensors to solve real-world problems. For instance, data from a city building revealed that one room was using a disproportionate amount of energy. A visit to the room quickly revealed that a refrigerator was placed in front of the thermostat, causing the air conditioner to run continuously.

“There are incredible opportunities to drastically reduce energy use and carbon emissions and increase efficiencies.” said Bill Roberts, Director, SAS Global IoT Practice. “NC State MSA students will be working on new technologies that will disrupt the building and construction industries and open up new areas of sustainability.”

The proposal from Building Clarity and SAS was one of several selected from over 60 proposals. The proposals were reviewed by a panel of faculty and staff members who weighed the scope, challenge, and learning value of the project.

“We are extremely grateful to all of the sponsoring organizations for providing our students this valuable opportunity to hone their skills,” said the Institute’s director Dr. Michael Rappa.  “The practicum is core to the MSA learning experience. It’s terrific to have our students working on challenging projects with such a diverse group of sponsors.”

Building Clarity and SAS will work with MSA students over eight months. Students can integrate open source languages like Python with the latest technologies from SAS, including SAS® Viya®, SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Event Stream Processing. Through data cleansing, preparation, analysis and visualization, students will deploy a prototype into production, providing tangible financial benefit for customers.

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