Our Approach:

Objective-Based Program Management

Maybe you’re at a place where you recognize that the status quo approach isn’t sustainable anymore.

Maybe you are seeing that by taking a piecemeal approach to addressing priority problems around things like business enablement, cost reductions, and risk management but aren’t seeing much progress toward your goals.

Building Clarity has a different approach for your issues. Objective-based program management is a comprehensive service model that meets you and your team wherever you might need us.

Augment the strengths and resources you already have in place with our wide range of experts who bring over 55 years of business acumen and expertise to the table for your team.

Here is what objective-based program management looks like in practice.


Understanding the Cycle and Dependencies of Data, Consulting, and Capacity

When you look at building management from the highest level, the cause-and-effect relationship between each area of expertise becomes clear. For example, what happens if:

  • Your team has dependable data and everyone you need to implement a good solution, but you don't know what solutions to implement?
  • What if someone engineers a solution for your team but it’s disconnected from the data behind the unforeseen issues?
  • What if it doesn’t take things like the real-world constraints of your facility into account?

Or they might keep drowning in data, draw inaccurate conclusions from the data, or get fed up and overwhelmed and ignore the data dashboards altogether.

What about a situation where you have reliable data and consulting to engineer a good solution, but there’s a capacity issue for your team?

What our team often sees in this kind of scenario is a well-informed team with a backlog of projects they just can’t complete. Nothing changes. Without the right consulting, your team may miss key insights that will optimize implementation.

There are many times when teams have solid consulting and plans for solutions, and they have the personnel and/or vendors that can implement them, but there’s a problem with the data. They either don’t have the technology to get the right data or they’ve drawn the wrong conclusion from the data they do have.

All too often, this leads to busy teams working on projects that may have little to no impact on your objectives. In the absence of meaningful, accurate data, the strategy and results can be guesswork.

Start the Conversation with Building Clarity Today

We are eager to hear from you and learn what kinds of issues you might be facing today. Our early conversations and consultations with clients are all geared to produce a clear program charter that keeps everyone on the same page about what we’re all doing, and why. We have a systematic approach for building those program charters, too, and it starts with discussing the strengths and resources of your current team. Fill out the short form today, and our team will be in touch for a brief conversation and explanation of what the streamlined path to building a solid program charter can look like for your team.

Our Clients' Results Speak For Themselves

We’ve been in this business for 55 years. We know buildings and our clients trust us with their biggest challenges because they know we have what it takes to produce killer results.


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