The IoT Connected Building Analytics Solution – developed in partnership with SAS – allows building owners and facility managers to have real-time insights into where energy is being used so that they can manage a building or a facility efficiently, by cutting back on operational downtime and failure. Keeping operational expenses low is a consistent challenge for owners and managers of multistory buildings, facilities, and large complexes. Some of the infrastructure available for managing building energy is designed for massive systems and not for owners and managers with smaller budgets, resulting in high costs of adoption and integration.


The IoT Connected Building Analytics Solution connects to Building Automation System (BAS), pulls data in near real-time, analyzes the data using advanced modeling technologies, and provides a visual representation of the results. The solution can support a multitude of systems – including HVAC, power, and lighting.


We chose to use Intel NUCs for our patent pending SmartCities IoT Gateway due to its small form factor, value of price compared to robustness and performance, and integrated security components via Intel’s Platform Trust Technology. The NUCs gives us ample power to deliver smart building analytics, while giving us enough computing power to be able to adapt and deliver on future offerings: predictive control optimization, machine learning, and predictive failure analysis.


The key benefits that the solution offers:

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Energy Consumption Optimization

For many, understanding optimal performance levels for a building’s systems can be a monumental exercise. IoT devices that allow data gathering and understanding of a wide range of systems can help building and facility managers create policies to control consumption and waste, leading to major costs savings.

Remote Monitoring

Building and facility managers now have the ability to control systems remotely on phone apps and desktop interfaces by leveraging real-time access through IoT sensor-generated streaming data. Advanced analytics can then help develop rule-based policies and issue notification alerts about system performance issues in real-time – reducing the need to rely on local personnel for operational support, thus eliminating unnecessary truck-rolls and associated expenses.

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Preventative Maintenance

Typically, building owners and managers have used intuition rather than actual data to schedule downtime and repair-work. However, IoT-enabled predictive maintenance now allows them to monitor building performance and manage overall building health in real-time, enabling them to predict and subsequently help prevent systems malfunction and failures before it ever happens.


Occupancy Comfort Management

Analytics derived from IoT sensors can now enable building owners and facility managers to better understand building performance. For example, data from HVAC systems can help owners and managers determine the performance levels necessary to ensure optimum levels of comfort for building occupants. These types of key performance metrics (KPIs) for systems like HVAC, power, and lighting can also translate to future costs savings on renovation or remodeling projects as well as new constructions, offering continuous value-added benefits.

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