Activate. Evolve. Transform.

Analytics alone aren't enough. Neither is consulting. In order to make the necessary changes, your team needs the expertise required to interpret the data and think strategically about the necessary changes.

That's where a partnership with Building Clarity comes in. We will provide the expertise your team needs to be successful in transforming how you view and operate your environment.  Our two main solutions combine to envelop your needs seamlessly and effectively:

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A consultative, IoT-enabled managed service that integrates facility data and business systems with analytics to deliver meaningful results. Our outcomes-based managed service integrates analytics and expertise.

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A consultative engineering, development, and construction service that helps customers implement building solutions. We’re leading the industry in our hands-on approach to program management, priority project implementation, and aligning your strategy with our team of engineers, data scientists, and partners.




Smart Building Analytics Platform

The IoT Connected Building Analytics Solution – developed in partnership with SAS – allows building owners and facility managers to have real-time insights into where energy is being used so that they can manage a building or a facility efficiently, by cutting back on operational downtime and failure. Keeping operational expenses low is a consistent challenge for owners and managers of multistory buildings, facilities, and large complexes. Some of the infrastructure available for managing building energy is designed for massive systems and not for owners and managers with smaller budgets, resulting in high costs of adoption and integration.

Our Clients' Results Speak For Themselves

We’ve been in this business for 55 years. We know buildings and our clients trust us with their biggest challenges because they know we have what it takes to produce killer results.

Experience Our Approach In Action

Interested in seeing how we deliver kickass outcomes for our clients? Give us 15 minutes and we will show you how our customized 3dS approach has proven effective for others – and how it can help you, too.