Providing Peace of Mind

Building technology does not replace human skill — but, if used correctly, it can become one of your greatest tools in your efforts to increase efficiency. Building Clarity provides energy services and solutions to arm you to make better decisions, more quickly, and ultimately impact profitability. From design build services to connected buildings, Building Clarity has you covered.

Our Solutions

Smart Campus IoT Solution

The Smart Building Analytics Solution developed through a partnership SAS, connects to your Building Automation System, pulls data in near real time, analyzes the data using advanced modeling technology and then provides a visual representation of the those results. Through the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning you can predict energy spend as well as equipment performance.

  • Near real time streaming data (10-30 second intervals)
  • Comfort Dashboard and Alerts
  • Predictive Analysis on energy consumption
  • Alerts dashboard
  • Equipment performance dashboards
  • Virtual Energy manager to help troubleshoot, identify root causes, and identify need changes

The solution is provided and maintained as a secure, cloud-based, solution. This means rapid deployment and no need for client IT infrastructure or investment

Net Zero Buildings

The most cost-effective steps toward a reduction in a building's energy consumption usually occur during the design process. Our team of experienced energy conservation engineers utilize the latest 3-D building energy simulation tools to evaluate a range of design variables including building orientation, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, geothermal, the mass of the building, building automation systems and their sequence of operation, lighting and lighting controls, plug load management, weatherization, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, windows, building envelope, building materials, insulation, and electrical systems. 

These 3-D building simulation models help predict building performance and are key to modeling the economic and financial implications on building cost-benefit analysis, life cycle cost analysis, and total cost of ownership.

Commissioning Services

Building Clarity offers commissioning services for both new buildings as well as existing.

As your building systems age, they become less efficient, less reliable and more costly to maintain. It’s been years since the start up and commissioning of your HVAC and Building Automation Systems, if it was ever done at all.

Unlock your savings opportunities with commissioning and retro-commissioning services.  These services can improve cash flow, increase comfort, and provide real-time savings opportunities.

Design Build Solutions

Design Build - Our unique Design Build approach delivers a turnkey solution with a single point of accountability that focuses on building systems’ performance, lowest total cost of ownership, employee productivity, and long term operational flexibility. 

This method utilizes the latest technologies and best practices to ensure your building sytsems are performing as intended and that they continue to operatre as originally designed.

Our integrated design, implementation, and performance assurance process keeps all stakeholders involved thorought the life of the project. Getting input and feedback from owner’s representatives, designers, commissioning agents, contractors, and suppliers throughout the life of the project ensures delivery of a successful high performing building with minimal cost impact. 

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The Clarity Promise

Building Clarity is an experienced, trusted partner who provides clients with results. Our solutions utilize innovative technology and puts you in control of your facilities.  We are so confident you will benefit from this solution, we offer you The Clarity Promise.  If you do not recover the cost of your first year’s investment in savings and rebates, within the first 12 months, we will refund you the difference.  This promise gives you peace of mind, also allowing you the option to opt-out without penalty at any time.

Are you ready to improve the safety, comfort, and productivity of your building occupants? By choosing to invest in smart building services, you can use less energy and enhance your bottom line, creating a brighter future for your organization.